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EriC IRVin

Hey Corey!
Thanks for having me over to the office the other day! It was great to meet the team and experience a bit of the company culture and atmosphere. I really enjoy what you all are doing and your overall company vibe and I believe I can help you beef up your presence with some effective and cohesive video and photo content.
My mission for this project is to create content for your website and socials that portrays the forward-thinking and passionate brand that you are. This content, when viewed, will strive to clearly communicate your brand values and why a company should feel more comfortable choosing to work with you over others in the industry.
This content will generate warm and familiar leads so that when you have your first conversation with a client, they already feel like they know you and your business.
So, you have mentioned creating a video for your Hero Section on your website several times, which I will give you a quote for below, but I will also provide you some additional suggestions that are more in line with my what I believe will effectively impact your company growth best.
I would love to create a whole package of content for you that will accomplish the mission I stated above! As you will see below, there are several different ways to do this, but I suggest at least creating a Brand Welcome Video and filling out your website with some photos of you all. Second to that I highly suggest a few testimonial videos from your best clients, but I know it just depends on your current budget.
Hero Section Video
This background video at the top of your website will provide a modern and forward touch to your site as well as a sense of familiarity with you and your team for your potential clients.
This video would be a very small edit but would still require a half day shoot to come in and shoot B-Roll of you all in action. So my first suggestion is that anything beyond this would be budget better spent, as the impact of this type of video is low compared to something like a Brand Welcome Video or Client Testimonial. If we did a Brand Welcome Video shoot, I would be able to create a Hero Section Video from that footage.
COST: $650
Brand Welcome Video
This video would first and foremost aim to introduce you and your company, to open the door and create familiarity with a potential client. It will also clearly communicate your brand values and why you are the best choice of staffing company to work with.
To produce this video, we will start with a Pre-Production meeting to create an outline for the video. Then we will take a day to shoot an interview style Talking-Head segment with you as well as B-Roll around the office of you all working together as well as at your stations. I will then take that footage and put together the edit!
COST: $3400
From this footage I will also be able to create a Hero Section video for you for an additional $250.
Client Testimonial Video
This type of video communicates from client to potential client why you are such a great company to work with. Although a Brand Welcome Video is essential, this type of video is equally or potentially even more effective. From my experience, I highly recommend trying to make this a regular ongoing project, to collect testimonials from good clients of yours. A collection of these can be a powerful sales tool.
This cost below is for a single/individual shoot and edit, but if there was an opportunity to combine multiple testimonials into one shoot, this cost can be adjusted as more of a combo price rather than a rigid multiple.
COST: $1650
Company Photoshoot
If you were to do a Brand Welcome Video shoot, we could also utilize that time to capture some photos of you all in action for areas of the website to swap out with the current stock images there. Some office shots would be great to have on hand as well to show you company culture and vibe on your socials. We could also get some nice headshots for a Company Team page if that interests you.
The price below will be for the editing of these photos, as the shooting of them would be an add-on to the video shoot. If for some reason you chose to only do a photoshoot by itself, the cost would be adjusted to include the shoot.
COST: $300
I will rebuild your website so that we can optimize the use of all your content as well as give your brand a modern and forward thinking touch.
This fee will be for the initial build out, including getting all content that is created into it's rightful places, but this fee doesn't include the content creation itself. If you decide to go through with this, we can then determine in our official contract what may constitute the completion of the initial build out.
I am also willing to discount the combination of any of the content with this. For example, everything on this page so far, with just one testimonial video, would be $13,100. I would be willing to call it $11,000 for the package. And similarly, we can chat through an other combo discounts if you don't want to pull the trigger on everything listed here yet. Just let me know! I'm very open to discussion and making it work for both parties!
COST: $7500
If you have any questions about the information above, let's jump on a quick call to go over all of this together. Just shoot me a text and we can set something up!
If you feel ready to rock n' roll on any of these options, then let's go ahead and book and Pre-Production Zoom Call to get the ball rolling. Click the button below to schedule a time slot!
You have the opportunity to make some of your content investment back through referrals. I offer a 15% commission from the first full project with a new referral from you!
Thank you!
I look forward to working with you!
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